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Trumpet Discussion Discuss The Monette Elysian in the General forums; Originally Posted by tatakata I watched the video and it was great. Nice playing. I respect the time and effort ...
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    Re: The Monette Elysian

    Quote Originally Posted by tatakata View Post
    I watched the video and it was great. Nice playing. I respect the time and effort that was put into this instrument as a piece of art. It is not my cup of tea.
    Thank you!
    The heaviest Monettes are indeed unique. They have a much wider range of sounds than any of my other instruments, but that sound fits best in a solo setting, or with a complete section of such instruments. Even with the Ajna2, my second trumpet players had a lot of work to match the resonance. In my quintet and in the orchestra, the second player bought my Ajna2 and I use my new Prana3. That works perfectly.
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    Re: The Monette Elysian

    A quarter million would cover the cost of a newly developed (practical) horn?

    Sales from a (practical-marketable) horn- or a 'Katrina Horn' for reference sake, could be donated directly to the 'Elysian Trumpet Fund' by Monette Inc.?

    The R&D of Katrina, and build time per unit sold could be deducted, as it was with the ceremonial 'Elysian'? Likewise, those that purchase a Katrina Horn could deduct the cost as charitable donation, provided Dave is willing to donate all sales, or a matched percentage from seller/buyer? Likely he'd be able to absorb 10 to 20 horns sold per year; more or less? I dunno-

    The number of units sold could be doubled or better, depending on how the deductable Dave could benefit was spread around? A 'charitable donation' made by Monette customer through the purchase of a Katrina Horn yields a Monette Trumpet 50% off; in light of (deductable percentage-charitable donation)? 25% off- 100%? This is good and orthodox business for everyone.

    This could be done year after year?

    Mr. Mayfield could be the proud owner of 'Katrina Horn' 1, of # sold -and all who bought a Katrina would feel a direct and lasting part of the efforts associated with the 'Elysian Trumpet Fund'. Possibly its focus could be expanded given there's adequate response?

    Obviously a learned tax attorney would need to qualify my guess work, and establish a no-hassle purchase arrangment/documentation for all concerned and Uncle Sam, but i'd imagine that's about right? The Elysian's good cause, but 'providing performances in spiritual environments and supporting musical education for talented young persons', is far better still.

    Cheers.. a nice horn there.
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    Re: The Monette Elysian

    Is this more of your computer generated stuff godchaser?

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    Re: The Monette Elysian

    Quote Originally Posted by max3k View Post
    Interesting point, however I highly doubt anyone will be praying to that horn.

    In New Orleans? You bet some one will.
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