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Trumpet Discussion Discuss The Monette Elysian in the General forums; Wow! The first presentation horn to come out of Monette in a while... looks amazing! David G. Monette Corporation -Jimi...
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    The Monette Elysian

    Wow! The first presentation horn to come out of Monette in a while... looks amazing!

    David G. Monette Corporation


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    Re: The Monette Elysian

    That's what I call art! What a beautiful instrument. I bet it plays well too.
    Annie Lemieux
    2006 ITG youth competition WINNER

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    Re: The Monette Elysian

    wow, very nice...

    One day man, I tell you, one day I'll make enough to afford the MF Prana... However, I do wonder what the pricetag on that Elysian is... wow.
    The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.
    -C. S. Lewis

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    And the seven angels which had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound.
    -Revelation 8:6

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    Re: The Monette Elysian

    I guess Dave does make trumpets for doctors and lawyers...and janitors and junkies and children and old! l liked this from the Elysian website:

    The Elysian Trumpet Prayer

    God of all goodness…
    infuse my breath with the spirit of harmony, and love.

    Let your voice speak through this instrument
    and bring joy to the living, comfort to the afflicted,
    and rest to the dead.

    Bind up all of your children into your eternal oneness
    which is the music of the universe, and the shining path
    to unity and peace.

    "A tool good enough to be so used and not too good"
    C.S. Lewis That Hideous Strength

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    Re: The Monette Elysian

    holy *&^$. Thats gorgeous.

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    Re: The Monette Elysian

    I haven't a clue how it plays or sounds, and I'll bet I never will, but it sure looks unbelievably heavy, very uncomfortable to hold or play, and just plain gawdy & ostentatious. The horn for the pimp player with tons of gold hanging around his neck & diamonds on every finger, and maybe even one studded in his front teeth. Definetly not what I'd want for an axe. Bling, bling, bling - ready for a ho-down.

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    Re: The Monette Elysian

    Oh, it's a memorial/tribute.
    Last edited by Richard Oliver; 08-28-2007 at 08:44 AM.

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    Re: The Monette Elysian

    go to the website link and read the story about the horn.

    Dave sent me some pics of the horn in development.. wow is all can I say.

    The Elysian Trumpet

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    Re: The Monette Elysian

    I think I would commit suicide if I nicked the bell on a music stand or chair.

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    Re: The Monette Elysian

    Ok, I give in. It is real pretty.

    The amount of effort that went into that horn would have built five houses in New Orleans.

    "Contributions to the Elysian Trumpet Fund are used to provide performances in spiritual environments and support music education for talented young persons. Checks may be made to: "Christ Church Cathedral" with the notation "Elysian Trumpet Fund"

    There, I read it.
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    "I was performing professionally at age 17 and have never had a real job." Allen Vizzutti

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