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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Monette Prices in the General forums; I've never played a Monette trumpet or anything, so I obviously can't say anything about how they play, or the ...
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    Re: Monette Prices

    I've never played a Monette trumpet or anything, so I obviously can't say anything about how they play, or the craftsmanship and what not put into his instruments...however: I think that dcbrown1 has some good points. Dave Monette has a lot of good things going for his instruments that help drive those prices up.

    1) He has multiple "top players" that have and do use his products. To name a few, Wynton, Maynard, Charles Schlueter, Art Farmer (and TONS of others) He also did some stuff with Doc back in the day. Having these top players playing his instruments are just like certain sports stars using certain brands of golf clubs, baseball bats brings in customers!

    2) He's built up a major mystique with his instruments. It makes trumpeters believe there is something special and different (magical) about them. Maybe there is and maybe there isn't??? It's amazing how easy it is to sneak into the human brain and make people believe things...just by slipping certain words into a sentance. One phrase I tend to here in various Monette videos is "double high C" or "much easier high range". Those phrases tend to get a trumpeters attention!

    3) He's a MASTER business man. He knows his craft, and he knows his customers. The man knows what he's doing, and he knows how to make a profit.

    4) His instruments are unique. He offers different "custom options" that many companies don't. Integral mouthpieces, his decorated instruments, the high dollar finger buttons, etc...

    Well, those are some of my thoughts on the whole Monette discussion.

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    Re: Monette Prices

    Quote Originally Posted by BustedChops View Post
    I agree Rowuk. We shouldn't fuss about Monette prices...I think we ought to do a group buy...Say 50 members of Trumpet Master forum pool resources a Monette and send it china...I bet they can clone Dave's horn for 1,200$

    Perhaps Taiwan since they also have amazing CNC/industrial skills. LOL...We could market the horn for 3,000$ and call it Moanette
    .... and so we sell our heritage and consign our kids to a life of unemployment - charity begins at home, and you have to donate for the charity thing to work.

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    Re: Monette Prices

    Quote Originally Posted by dcbrown1 View Post
    Considering I've owned a wide variety of horns including a Monette P3, I thought I might be able to shed some light on this subject. First, I'm decent (not fantastic) amateur player, so keep that in mind. I've owned a wide variety of horns over the years (King Sliver Flair, multitude of Bachs, Kanstul, Getzen, Schilkes, Eclipse, LA Benge, Burbank Benge, Yamaha, etc. etc. I ordered my Monette P3 new, and played it for about 2 years. The pros: huge sound that fills a big space, responsiveness (for a horn of significant mass), intonation, pretty good valves, flexibility, decent articulation, and uniqueness. The cons...well that gets into why I ended up selling it. I found that after a few years, I just started going back to my really good late 70's era Bach. It's like the Monette isn't really a trumpet, it's its own thing. It lacked zing and excitement for me. It became sort of boring. A few other things: I had a nationally respected brass guy take a look at it (had a valve that was sticking and didn't feel like sending it back to Monette), and he commented on how the finishing work (removal of extra solder at the joints etc.) was pretty average. He wasn't impressed. The gold plating seemed really thin too. Also, the horns are soft (brass alloy). In fact, when I'd grip it too tightly around the slide rings (okay, Dave M is SHOULD relax when going above high C), the 1st valve would actually stick. So, net net. They are very interesting horns. Very big sound, but very different from what I consider to be a true trumpet experience. I think Dave is doing some really cool work, and he's a marketing genius. I believe the extraordinary cost of the horns is do to: Dave's ability to create a mystique around the horns, a high amount of overhead (lots of hand work, prototype development), and...well, I think Dave doing very well. This is by no means a criticism of Dave's organization or work. They are to be admired and respected as a TOTAL American success story.
    Thanks for the comments. Having owned one, it helps to hear your thoughts. Obviously, he has many happy customers. Sounds like the Bach is your perfect cup of tea. That's why there are many different brands. Sort of like in the 80's you could by a Delorian or a Toyota. For some, the Toyota did exactly what they needed, even though you could buy a room full of Toyotas for one Delorian -and the Delorian had more of the "hand made, custom aspect" to it. Just an analogy for anyone wanting to jump on it.
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    Re: Monette Prices

    Here is a Monette for under 4K! For anyone that wants to buy one or donate it to me.

    Monette 149XL - $3,950: Trumpet Herald - placed Jan. 3, 2012 by 'quikv6' in Bb Trumpets

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    Re: Monette Prices

    Wow, this thread is still going?

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    Re: Monette Prices

    Who said it had to stop???

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    Re: Monette Prices

    The prices in the price list are high, but I think for custom made trumpets (like Adam Rapas Tantra) can reach up to $30,000!

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    Re: Monette Prices

    Quote Originally Posted by Mamboman View Post
    The prices in the price list are high, but I think for custom made trumpets (like Adam Rapas Tantra) can reach up to $30,000!
    Easily, a 4 valve takes more brass and overtime.

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    Re: Monette Prices

    If I was uber rich I'd buy it and buff the snot out of it, just for fun.
    Stop acting like someone shot your dog.

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    Re: Monette Prices

    Adams option of a 4th valve adds $300-400 to the price fyi.

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