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Trumpet Discussion Discuss More on the AL HIRT Trumpet mystique in the General forums; Originally Posted by BrotherBACH I am a huge Al Hirt fan. I was surprised to learn that in the early ...
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    Re: More on the AL HIRT Trumpet mystique

    Quote Originally Posted by BrotherBACH View Post
    I am a huge Al Hirt fan. I was surprised to learn that in the early days he was second trumpet to George Rock prior to his Spike Jones days. When you list to George Rock, I believe that you can hear a bit of Al in there.

    that is amaze

    You can hear some of that sound here, too:

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    Re: More on the AL HIRT Trumpet mystique

    Al Hirt is no doubt a giant and #1 with me but I can see George Rock's strong influence.

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