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Trumpet Discussion Discuss More Harry James in the General forums; Clip from 1946 movie "Do You Love Me". Harry swings a concert band. And for you vibrato debaters, check out ...
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    More Harry James

    Clip from 1946 movie "Do You Love Me".

    Harry swings a concert band.

    And for you vibrato debaters, check out Harry's hand vibrato. (and shakes also)
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    Re: More Harry James

    I have always felt that this was one of Harry's greatest performances. Ballad, classical, jazz, lead...he played it all! He also mixed his jaw vibrato with hand throughout his whole career to make it more adaptable. God I love Harry James!!
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    Cool Re: More Harry James

    Looks like he was still on the balanced Selmer at this point. 24 or 23????
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    Re: More Harry James

    The greatest, bar none. I love his shakes!

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