Several businesses and private individuals have donated money for student scholarships to the Brass Camp (PbC) this summer.

Please tell students to submit their application by email to me asap.

This event is however for all brass players at all levels.

The scholarship will amount to a $200 credit applied to the PbC registration.
The student will only need to be responsible for their own food and housing, which is only $75 on the Anderson University campus. Once scholarships are awarded the student will receive a registration code which will allow him/her to register online for free.

Watch this 4 minute YouTube video for an overview of the PbC:
[ame=]YouTube - Brass Camp - July 16-17, 2010[/ame]

Register Online Here: Brass Camp - Register |

Student scholarship applicants need to email their name and contact information along with a brief bio about their playing activities and what they aspire to do in the future.

All my contact info. is listed below.

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AIM/iChat: ac6iw
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