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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Motivation. in the General forums; Originally Posted by wiseone2 But not chromatic scales Sooooo, i will learn...
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    Re: Motivation.

    Quote Originally Posted by wiseone2 View Post
    But not chromatic scales
    Sooooo, i will learn
    "Ultra-Pure Rocks!" - Chris Botti

    This is a temporary quote untill i find a good one.

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    Re: Motivation.

    I generally try to see how high I can play, or I'll try sight reading something to get into the mood for practicing. Sometimes I'll even try playing a song from my ipod on my trumpet.

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    Re: Motivation.

    Quote Originally Posted by ecarroll View Post

    You have at least two world class trumpeters, Jouko Harjanne and Pasi Pirinen, living in Helsinki. I'm not sure where in Finland you live, but an opportunity to spend time with either would be something not to be missed.

    We enjoyed having a fabulous young Finn named Tapio Paavilainen at Chosen Vale in our inaugural year. I believe that he's completing a M.Mus. in Manchester at the moment but you should also try to meet him at some point.

    Yes . I have been in contact with Jouko Harjanne many times. I have not met Pasi yet...but he is ofcourse on the list of "peoples to meet" :

    Robert Slotte

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    Re: Motivation.

    if i'm having trouble getting in the mood to play i'll typically put on some christian scott or royal crown revue and then pick up a book for a half hour. after that i usually want to practice for an hour or so. for some reason listening to superior players gets me in the mood.
    Ed Con...

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    Re: Motivation.

    whenever I lack motivation I turn on a recording of Sergei, Woody Shaw, Wynton, Maurice, Ed, Cassone, Burns, Cat Anderson, Yo-Yo-Ma, etc etc etc....

    that usually snaps me out of my funk and I get back to work more excited than ever!

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    Re: Motivation.

    Though it may sound boring, I practice theory. I take modes and play a solo based on the scale. It gets me motivated because I know that I can play, it very rewarding to play something of your own.

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    Re: Motivation.

    My motivation is not wanting to make a fool of myself in public.


    I think this dates from the time when I was soprano cornet player in a championship section brass band.
    Living in an exposed position like that brought home to me the potential for personal embarrassment.

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    Re: Motivation.

    Quote Originally Posted by rowuk View Post
    In Finland it would probably be dried fish and vodka......................
    Don't fish have scales?

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