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Trumpet Discussion Discuss mouth piece in the General forums; Originally Posted by bobd0 I don't mouthpiece buzz. Without feedback from the horn mouthpiece buzzing is nothing more than a ...
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    Re: mouth piece

    Quote Originally Posted by bobd0 View Post
    I don't mouthpiece buzz. Without feedback from the horn mouthpiece buzzing is nothing more than a logical fallacy.

    Have you ever heard of a woodwind player buzzing their mouthpiece? Have you ever heard of a string player practicing only with their bow?

    Buzzing a brass mouthpiece is like fishing without a hook and weight. You'll never learn to cast your line correctly. It's like a golfer taking practice swings sans golf ball. Did you air ball go 50 yards or 200? You might be able to approximate a good swing but there is absolutely no way to determine the outcome without a ball on the tee. There is no way to determine the sound you'll create without a horn attached to your mouthpiece.
    Yes, I've heard many woodwind players buzz their mpcs, both to assure the set of their reed and the selection of their mpc. My daughter has over 20 mpcs, but only 5 different reed instruments.

    Next time you notice a violin player select a new bow, do observe them airplay as they check its balance and feel. As I don't play a violin or other bowed string instrument, I am utterly amazed that some bows cost hundreds of dollars.

    Golfers very often swing with no ball ... their swing being photo analyzed. Object to remove any error in the swing as improves later performance. Too, they use practice wiffle or cotton type balls ... not the real thing. Due to my back injury, I gave up the game.

    Serious sport fishermen often practice casts with no water or hook on the line right in their own backyards. Never knew a better fly fisherman than my late father in law who did this quite often, especially so with new rods or reels.

    As others say, and I concur, mouthpiece buzzing IS NO substitute for practice with mouthpiece attached to horn, but anyone who can't buzz a mouthpiece would waste their time trying to play a horn, therefore it is a practical method in the learning process. Yes, I'd much prefer that a mpc be attached to a leadpipe (remove tuning slide) or have a like leadpipe for just such use, and if not, a BERP, BuzzMaster or other device of the type to give such resistance closest to actual playing. This may be just a five minute warm-up or the forced alternative to playing, but better than nothing at all.

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    Re: mouth piece

    Quote Originally Posted by gmonady View Post
    Move to 4:18 in the following video to get a visual illustration of rowuk tubing method...
    YouTube - [DIBU] Pink Panther 096 - Pink Trumpet - EN English Ingles
    At 4:33 those are some awesome chops the panther has!!
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