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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Mouth Piece Trouble in the General forums; I was playing my trumpet today practicing "Auld Lang Syne" at the first cornet part. The top note is a ...
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    Unhappy Mouth Piece Trouble

    I was playing my trumpet today practicing "Auld Lang Syne" at the first cornet part. The top note is a high E that holds out for 3 beats. As I am holding this note out my trumpet slowly slipped below my top lip corrupting the note. Is there a way to prevent this from happening. Thank you!

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    Re: Mouth Piece Trouble

    Strengthening your embouchure and making it more efficient (long tones and slurs work for that I believe), optimizing air support, adjusting body position and use, culling down all interfering tension. Sounds like it should be simple enough right?

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    Re: Mouth Piece Trouble

    One of the most ill-advised things we can do is to blame our own inadequacies on the equipment.
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    Re: Mouth Piece Trouble

    As is true in 99% of all cases the problem is not in the hardware it is in the software.
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    Re: Mouth Piece Trouble

    The good news... Nobody will remember it:

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    Re: Mouth Piece Trouble

    Matt. Clams like this happen all of the time. Im not one to over-analize, I dont have that much time to worry about notes that have already gone by. Keep working on your skills and unless it is due to a bad habit developing, let it go. You have till new years eve to get it down...right? Best wishes.
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    Re: Mouth Piece Trouble

    I find that on occasion when my concentration drops on notes at high C or above, I'll drop my support a bit and the note'll pop down to the next lower partial for a split second (this rarely happens on an E above high C tough, it usually happens on a C or D). Maybe this is similar thing? Maybe your support is wavering a tad?
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