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Trumpet Discussion Discuss mouthpiece disinfectant spray in the General forums; Wow, some of you guys spend a lot of time cleaning your mouthpieces. I give them a rinse and clean ...
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    Re: mouthpiece disinfectant spray

    Wow, some of you guys spend a lot of time cleaning your mouthpieces. I give them a rinse and clean every once in a while to keep gunk from building up but that's about it...

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    Re: mouthpiece disinfectant spray

    Get some of that Wintergreen Rubbing Alcohol, put in a small spray/mist bottle... spray on the mpc when you want. Wipe off with an absorbant cloth or paper towel. OR>>> maybe you invest in a bunch of packets of handi-wipes (like what you might get from a restaurant to wipe your hands down after a meal). This might actually be the most sanitary, come to think of it. They are individually sealed...and then you just throw them away.
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