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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Mouthpiece matters to me. in the General forums; Originally Posted by rowuk The reason that I mention it is because this is not the first time someone has ...
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    Re: Mouthpiece matters to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by rowuk View Post
    The reason that I mention it is because this is not the first time someone has mentioned it. Sharper rims give our tone additional clarity but can limit flexibility if we use excessive pressure. I am not advocating a switch, check for pressure with your Curry. The less you need, the better it gets!
    I switched from a Bach 3C to a Curry 5C recently and the curry was uncomfortable and I used this as an opportunity to back off the pressure. Time will tell about the switch but can't argue that it made me aware that I was using more pressure than I thought I was.
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    Re: Mouthpiece matters to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by larry newman View Post
    Just as a better tennis player can beat you using your racket.

    And a better trumpet player can make your horn/mp sound like something else entirely.

    There's the right equipment, and there's transcending the equipment. I'll bet the good players are not having this conversation, just us guys always looking for improvement, but not always in the right places.
    Having said that, I'll now say that I own dozens of mp, have tried and returned more than that, and wish I could try more, realizing that the addiction to the "magic fix" is strong indeed. Each mp will do something the others won't, and also not do something that others make easy. The tradeoff seems to be tone vs. flexibility vs. endurance. Some horns react more to mp differences, esp. flugelhorns. Each shows you both your strengths and your limitations.

    In the concert band, I'll switch to a smaller mp if my part has a lot of tongued above the staff notes, and likewise go to a more symphonic sound from a larger mp if an ostinato tone predominates. I once bought a mp (#1xb) just for a Mahler piece....enormous low tone, but useless above the staff, unless my chops are in super shape, something that is not always possible.

    Likewise, there are "go-to" mp that I keep handy, esp. in 3-4 hr. gigs that will get out any note if asked to...not the greatest tone, but dependable, and never far from my reach. Ted Sparks has a Sparx 2bc cornet mp made for back row (British brass band) players that is specifically made for lower part endurance. Works, too...I use it with my Strad trumpet often.

    Could I do it all with one mp? Sure, and ofttimes do, just to get away from my equipment obsessions and the insecurities that follow close behind them. I'm thinking that if I hear myself produce a certain tone, that I can then more likely get that tone from my memory no matter what I'm playing....sort of the "desert island" what you have in your hands.
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