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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Mouthpiece Placement in the General forums; Rowuk, Sorry. Didn't mean to put words in your mouth. You have given me a good idea. Thanks...
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    Re: Mouthpiece Placement

    Sorry. Didn't mean to put words in your mouth. You have given me a good idea. Thanks
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    Re: Mouthpiece Placement

    Wow, I dont usually jump in like this but.......

    You dont have the mouthpiece on enough of you top lip, the present placement is going to hinder your ability to improve. I am sure anyone on this forum or any trumpet player can tell you, the better the lip in the mouthpiece the better the sound and endurance. The inside lip, what it looks like you have engaged on the top, has little to no muscle tissue. Getting more "face" in the mouthpiece will help you out.

    You are a young musician who obviously wants to get better, this is great! I am afraid others CAN tell you where to put the mouthpiece, they are trying to help. The fact you have a teacher helping you out is a big step in the right direction. Listen, learn, and good luck.


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    Re: Mouthpiece Placement

    Interesting thread, I have always tried to place the mouthpiece so that a direct (straight) airstream goes down through (and out) the backbore. I figure that any mismatch between lip size is overcome by concentrating on this clear, straight, airstream and that it is basically the determining factor for mouthpiece placement - visual position on the lips in relation to each other then seems to me to be less important.

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    Re: Mouthpiece Placement

    You do understand I was trying to make you mad and make you think at the same time! I do not think you should quite!!! SOme times we all need a slap across the chop's to get us to snap out of the pity party we are haveing. I have a good gal in my life that is great at slapping me when I get to down on thing's. Not all of us come out swinging but with most problem in our lifes a direct and focused solution is the best course of actions. No one ever stoped smokeing by waiting for it to be convient or waiting for the problem to solve itself. You need to get angry and direct some of that anger at lettingyour flesh make you a slave. You follow me????? So please do not think I want you to quite just the opposite is try. You with me? You going to do this then no matter what it takes? You going to keep a mouth piece in your panths pocket and in the car and at the girlfriends house etc......... When she goes into the store to get lipstick and your inthe car your going to buzz like your life depended on it right!?!?!? Good.

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