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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Mouthpiece Prices in the General forums; I sorta adapt to any brass mpc but favor those that I find more comfortable. I didn't dump a Monette ...
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    Re: Mouthpiece Prices

    I sorta adapt to any brass mpc but favor those that I find more comfortable. I didn't dump a Monette B4 because I couldn't play it ... it was straight economics that I didn't need it for playing student quality instruments. It's not fair to demonstrate to students with equipment they can't afford!

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    Re: Mouthpiece Prices

    Quote Originally Posted by Solar Bell View Post
    I learned on an Olds3.
    And just look how well you have learned in those years to get you to where you are today. Maybe, just maybe, I should be so lucky to learn to the level you have Chuck, 'cause I still have a long way to go to get to where you are... at least now I know, I am following in the right footsteps!
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    Re: Mouthpiece Prices

    Quote Originally Posted by TrentAustin View Post

    I'd like to believe folks are getting what they pay for in my stuff.
    Trent, they certainly are...And in the realm of custom designed and high quality MP's, I think your prices are OUTRAGEOUSLY INEXPENSIVE!
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