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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Mouthpieces in the General forums; So can someone please explain to me, how do you know which size mouthpiece to get ? and what makes ...
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    So can someone please explain to me,

    how do you know which size mouthpiece to get ?

    and what makes them all different in terms of playing?

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    Re: Mouthpieces

    Jim Donaldson has some relevant comments at Your second mouthpiece
    Richard Ashmore

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    Re: Mouthpieces

    Try this website for info. ONLY you can determine what works for you though. Research,research,research!

    New Page 1

    New Page 1

    This is a good place to start!
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    Re: Mouthpieces

    There is no way of knowing other than first hand experience. Everything else is luck.
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    Re: Mouthpieces

    thanks a lot for those links.

    Pretty helpfull

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    Re: Mouthpieces

    Just buy the most expensive one you can find...the bigger the better, too. If a $50 mouthpiece is pretty good, just imagine how well you will be able to play on one costing 5 times least 5 times better, right?

    Disclaimer...I'm only kidding. Don't try this at home, kids...
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    Re: Mouthpieces

    Now there is a question, if I only had an answer.
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    Re: Mouthpieces

    I agree to do your research.

    Most trumpets come with an equivalent to a Bach 7C, which is pretty much a standard size to start with. It also gives you a reference point that most players know.

    Welcome and good luck

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