From Manny's discussion to here. Thoughts much appreciated.:

Two questions.

I've been working a bit at pedal tones and the idea of bending notes came to mind. It's kind of fun to see how low you can bend a low C (I can go to Eb. ) as well as bending notes inside the staff. As a matter of fact, I can play an F arpeggio (from first space F down) all open.

So, first question:

Apart from having fun and the interesting feeling that might help with a warm-down, what other innovations are there with bending pitches? Ie I know it shows mastery of the instrument, the better you can do so (an instructor told me of a friend who could play a C scale up to high C all open ), but how can this type of exercise be utilized and does exercising it really help?

Second question:

How about bending pitches up? It's distinctly harder. Would it be worth it (along with the above) to develope?