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All of this theory is wonderful, For players not listening to their teachers (YET), the best bet is to just start playing again. Preferably fun stuff because if they have the dedication to quit for a month after braces, then there is a motivational issue anyway.

This is why I have offered NOTHING here in the way of replacement lessons.

I think that many TMers do not understand the dynamics of the human mind. Treating every poster here like the potentially focussed geek just doesn't work. This player just needs to start playing again. Period. They have a teacher - hopefully with the stuff to bring a player that has lost their braces back. All of the normal chop building stuff will come when school starts. Let's just get this poster started again with easy, fun stuff.

A killer 45 minute balanced routine is guaranteed to keep new players from doing what is really necessary - just knocking the rust off and getting started again.
and yet some of us TMers try to have perspective and help people with what is working for us -- and look at a persons description of a problem, their age, their experience -- and see if we can offer important constructive advice.