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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Music Majors in the General forums; BM and MA at WSU under Gerald Webster. Spokane Symphony, New World Philharmonic (as a springer in Boseman Montana) moved ...
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    Re: Music Majors

    BM and MA at WSU under Gerald Webster. Spokane Symphony, New World Philharmonic (as a springer in Boseman Montana) moved to Germany, freelanced a lot including tours. Burned out.
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    Re: Music Majors

    Got an MME from North Texas State in 84. Thought I was going to be a player. Had no intention of EVER teaching. Got married and needed a steady job. Started teaching. Hated the first year. After that it has been FANTASTIC. I have found my niche.
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    Re: Music Majors

    Spent 3 years at UW-Whitewater as a performance major. Quit and joined the real world. Fast forward 27 years, two kids through college, GM shutting down the local plant and only a year back on the horn. Now I'm back in school getting my BA in Music with a Business minor. The kids and professors have been great. What next? Maybe instrument repair.

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    Re: Music Majors

    I was a music major for 1 year (luckly I was good enough to get a scholarship and did not have to pay through the nose to learn to hate trumpet). Here are some of the things I learned:

    1- Learn piano before you go - seriously - it is very hard to learn piano in a room of 30 other students.

    2- Get a good lessons teacher (if you do not already have one) to break you of all your bad trumpet habits - college professors have little understanding

    3- Being a music major is just that you are majoring in MUSIC so trumpet playing is just a very small portion of that - I had 1 private lesson a week for 1/2 hour - I spent more time learning to play piano in a class room full of students then I did in trumpet lessons.

    4- Plan on doing some music related thing for a least 6 hours a day - theory, arranging, piano playing, lessons, ensembles, and then you have masters classes and required attendance at performances..........and then you get to practice piano, do your theory homework and then practice your trumpet.

    5- So you were the best trumpet player at your school - guess what so was everyone else who is there - trumpet playing is work - and if you want to stand out you will have to work hard .......... and probably know your place...........and kiss ass...........and be lucky.

    6- You will become the personal property of the music department - I am not kidding - I was most unfortunate that the music department head was also a trumpet player.... especially if you get a scholarship - ATTENDANCE IS NOT OPTIONAL FOR ANYTHING (this especially sucks because theory is always at 8 am).

    So yeah I dropped my music major..........but I am not a comeback player because unlike some of the others I did not stop altogether I just slammed on the breaks and slowed down. I play for community groups and pit orchestras.......of course church......and impart my knowledge on poor unsuspecting souls. All of which I enjoy immensely - trumpet playing for me is better as a "hobby" for lack of a better term but I have great respect for those who stayed the course (and I would venture a guess that college was "easy" compared to starting out as a pro). In hindsight I wish I would have at least kept up with private lessons and audited masters classes.....and after a decade or so I can say I am REALLY glad I just wasn't for me. I hope this helps.......

    Ps So where am I now - it turns out that I have this huge ego that can take hit so I was very successful at sales and marketing until I had my second kid and my husband got better job so I got to stop "working" and stay home with my boys. Ironically now I can safely say - the only thing I make any money at is actually playing my trumpet...

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