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Trumpet Discussion Discuss A musical question... in the General forums; I have a number of songs that are slower and could be considered ballads that I particularly enjoy. Some are ...
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    Re: A musical question...

    I have a number of songs that are slower and could be considered ballads that I particularly enjoy. Some are a bit more cool, some are really corny (and I love them anyway) and some might seem a bit out of the blue.

    Send in the Clowns - either the Stan Kenton orchestra or Judy Collins - they are both outstanding
    My Funny Valentine - Michelle Pfifer's version from "The Fabulous Baker Boys"
    Mandy - Barry Manilow (Don't laugh - I just really dig the song)
    I Write the Songs - Barry Manilow
    Don't want to Lose you - Gloria Estefan (I MUCH prefer her version in spanish)
    Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone - Chris Tomlin
    Jesus Messiah - Chris Tomlin (not exactly a ballad, but it is slow and I like it)
    She's Always a Woman To Me - Billy Joel
    Separate Lives - Phil Collins (from the "Serious Hits: Live" album)

    I'm a sucker for ballads. There are more, but those are the ones that immediately come to mind.
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    Re: A musical question...

    How about Misty. Cool melody.
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    Re: A musical question...

    My Funny Valentine You can play the song in so many different ways. Plus, it is my wife's favorite song.
    Jake G.

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    Re: A musical question...

    "In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning", because the melody just seems to capture the essence and emotions of the lyrics.
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    Re: A musical question...

    Most any Manilow- Sorry.
    Three times a lady- Commodores
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    Re: A musical question...

    "September Song" with Sarah Vaughan and Clifford Brown. I do believe it's my favorite solo that Clifford ever played, probably my favorite ballad solo I had ever heard. It has a quality that brings it to life. Beautiful. I think the key of good phrasing is the fact that we know the changes, we know the feel, and we are honest. I really enjoyed Roy Hargroves take on "I Remember Clifford" He plays with a down right love that is so, so nice.
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    Re: A musical question...

    Polka Dots and Moonbeams. I love the way Sam Noto plays on his rare album

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    Re: A musical question...

    Quote Originally Posted by ewanmains View Post
    Ok guys - here's a musical one to balance up all the gearhead questions.

    What is your favourite ballad & why? Is it the melody, chord progression, key, lyrics that mean something to you?

    One I've been playing recently is Lionel Ritchie's tune 'Nicole'. I love the key it's in (Eb) as well as the melody which has just a nice balance between sombre & tender, but has a natural climax as well.

    1.autumn leaves -beautiful melody lines, and easy progression, very easy to improvise too

    2. moon river -absolutely beautifull -I love louis armstrong version

    3. stardust -beautifull and magic

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    Re: A musical question...

    Quote Originally Posted by ltg_trumpet View Post
    "September Song" with Sarah Vaughan and Clifford Brown.
    have you heard "whats new" also from sara vaughn and clifford brown? -thats great song!

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    Re: A musical question...

    Benny Goodman's And the Angels Sing, and Martha Tilton - glorious. Nice vocals, great melody, fine trumpet solo/soli.

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