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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Musty smelling horn and case in the General forums; Originally Posted by barliman2001 And interestingly enough, no one of the last three replicants noticed that the thread was seven ...
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    Re: Musty smelling horn and case

    Quote Originally Posted by barliman2001 View Post
    And interestingly enough, no one of the last three replicants noticed that the thread was seven years old... and contained quite a bit of OldLou's wisdom...
    I was musing on a post asking how it smelt after leaving the case full of vinegar in the sun for 7 1/2 years, but thought better of it, as I am trying to be less of a wiseass in my late-middle age. I'm not trying real hard, but I am trying...
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    Re: Musty smelling horn and case

    Home Depot has a product called damp-rid and it works wonders, other than that a person could use shredded newspaper or some charcoal, the trick to charcoal is to break it up. Hopefully the OP has resolved the problem and all this is useful for someone else.
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    Re: Musty smelling horn and case

    I have the same issue with my vintage horn cases...and wanted to ask here, but this post beat me to it. I like the cedar chip or laundry thing in the plastic zip lock bag suggestions.
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    Re: Musty smelling horn and case

    Quote Originally Posted by oldlips48 View Post
    Sunlight really helps with mildew. pick a nice sunny day and leave the case opened facing the sun for a few hours. Might take a few times but it should help.
    +1 for this answer. I had a stinking guitar case that seriously smelled like something had died in it. This was caused by the case getting wet, then being left shut for ages. So firstly I stopped using it! Secondly I put it outside in the sun one hot, sunny day. Thirdly I kept the case open so it could breath. I now use the case again and the smell has gone. Just a word of warning. It's the UV in the sunlight that really helps here, but it can fade colours too. Window glass blocks a lot of UV, so you need to put it outside, where the fresh air will also help. Once the UV has been at it, make sure it's left open until the smell has gone.

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    Re: Musty smelling horn and case

    I discovered that with my Stirling Long Cornet, the smell in the case emanated from the horn itself. It is close to 90-100 years old and the finish is raw brass. The smell, I discovered, came from the tarnish on the finish of the horn. A little Brasso and some elbow grease and it now looks and smells better all the way around! Oh and by the way, though it is a long cornet, it appears to be fashioned in the style of a peashooter trumpet of all things! Thought I'd throw that in for Gordo's benefit. Oh....almost forgot! My suggestion to the SCS (Stinking Case Syndrome) is to try some Febreze on the fabric and air it out on the porch for an hour or two. Dan


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    Re: Musty smelling horn and case

    I bought a brand new Pro-Tec case about 10 years ago, and the day it arrived, I took it outof the box, then out of the plastic bag and was sorting what in the way of mutes, etc. would go in it.

    We have cats. A cardboard box is, well, like catnip to them. Three of them come in to investigate, are climbing in and out of the cardboard box, being cute and all that. I am digging around for an old trumpet stand in my junk drawer and turn around just as one of them hops into the new case, hikes his tail and claims the new case as his own. That got him an immediate promotion to outdoor cat for the next month. I know, many of you have different opinions about cats and would've sent him to be with his ancestors, ten years later and he is still part of the pride. Hey, cat.

    I have tried everything under the sun. A wise man would've just thrown it away and bought another, especially after the first year of trying to deodorize it. I've even tried something my daughter got from the local funeral home that is supposed to deodorize anything, still can smell it. Right now it resides in a plastic garbage bag, with two boxes of baking soda spread out in it and charcoal brickettes. Every few months I take it out, vacuum it, change the charcoal, bag it back up and let it sit some more.

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