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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Mutes for the Monette. in the General forums; I and several others I know have difficulty playing them for long periods. They are SO wide open in the ...
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    I and several others I know have difficulty playing them for long periods. They are SO wide open in the backbore than there is very little resistance. I consider myself fairly tuned in to Monette gear having played it for 15 years, and I've made a valiant effort to play the new Pranas, but they just don't work for me. I lose focus in the upper register and endurance goes out the window after about 20 minutes of playing them. Until then, they sound like a million bucks.

    I have two "early" Pranas from when they were first made available and the backbores are a bit tighter. You can tell by simply looking at the end.. the new Pranas have a knife edge sharpness to them and the "vintage" Pranas don't. They are thinner than conventional, but not paper thin like the new ones.

    I have had just excellent luck with the earlier versions.. the benefits of the Prana, but something that is playable for me.

    So, i have a couple new Pranas for sale if anyone is interested...

    I have a C1-2 81 a B1-2 81 and i think a C1-2D 81. They are barely used and in excellent condidtion. Let me know if you are interested.


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    Is Dave regularly making these older PRANAS, i sure wouldnt mind having one, because though they are minute i sometimes have a little of the endurance problems.

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    For me it is just the opposite.
    My first Prana was too big. After working with it for a while I got a new one stamped 81. This was a little smaller. After playing on that for a while I went back to the first one. (bigger)

    I like the first one now and I have been playing on it for about a year. It is stamped 12.

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