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Trumpet Discussion Discuss My Advice in the General forums; This is a follow-up to the thread I posted about my lesson with Tom Hooten. Any advice that I may ...
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    My Advice

    This is a follow-up to the thread I posted about my lesson with Tom Hooten. Any advice that I may have posted or replied with in this forum should be ignored!!! I have no right to give any advice after sitting next to Tom and hearing him play and realizing how far away I am from that level. I have some serious flaws to fix in my approach to playing before I can ever tell any of you or anyone else how to fix or work on your playing. Sorry, if I've ever mislead anyone or given bad advice which may have hampered your playing.

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    Re: My Advice

    Relax - some things will work for somebody, no matter what the source. For example: tonguing hard (to build muscle strength? confidence?) doesn't seem to be generally recommended, but I think it's helped me. The buzzing bit I adapted ...

    Anyway, I recently read a book called Blink! (it refers to that instant when an expert simply responds without analysis) and according to the author, experts usually don't know how they're doing what they're doing. Tennis coaches have been telling students for decades to "roll the wrist" during a serve (or during volleys, is it?), but slowing down videos of pros playing shows they don't roll anything until after the serve is completed. Time to rewrite the how-to book. I wouldn't be surprised if the same holds for trumpet playing - why else the variety of approaches?

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    Re: My Advice

    you have every right to post advice and views from your frame of reference. Naturally, a lesson with one of the great players of our time will give one much greater insight in a shorter period of time, we post "get a lesson" probably more than any other phrase. There are still things that you have learned that may be of great use to somebody else. If it is first hand experience post it, if it is an idea or concept - qualify the post! Your frame of reference is unique and valuable! Don't let the lesson with Tom slow you down, let it improve the quality of your advice!
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    Re: My Advice

    In learning trumpet, the best way to learn how to play is to model the playing of a respected player. Sometimes we get stuck, and teachers resort to the spoken (or written) word, but words are pretty inadequate to describe what it is we do.

    Way back when, my teacher had been nagging me for years, telling me to "lead with my air." One day in a lesson things were going pretty well, and he asked "how are you doing that?"

    "I'm speeding up the air just a bit before the next note," I replied.


    Sometimes we have to hear something said in a slightly different way for that satori moment to happen.

    This is why any post has the potential for unlocking one of the esoteric mysteries of trumpet playing. By all means, keep posting!
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    Re: My Advice

    wow, thats the most humble post Ive seen. People SHOULD be taking your advice on how to be a humble trumpeter.

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    Re: My Advice

    You dont have to play like Tom Hooton to give advise, or just express an idea. If that was the case we would have to shut down this forum.

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