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Trumpet Discussion Discuss My Cowboy Trumpet(Cornetto) in the General forums; Well here it is, my home spun cornetto. I call it my cowboy trumpet because the leather has that look. ...
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    My Cowboy Trumpet(Cornetto)

    Well here it is, my home spun cornetto. I call it my cowboy trumpet because the leather has that look. I was thinking about dying it but then I read somewhere that most leather historically was that natural color, but then darkened with age. I am guessing that modern cornetto makers imitate the museum pieces which have aged and turned dark, so I am going to leave mine as is, though it has a certain southwestern flair. The mouthpiece was custom made by, John Cather.

    Now if I can just play this thing!

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    Re: My Cowboy Trumpet(Cornetto)

    Looks good. How does it play?
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    Re: My Cowboy Trumpet(Cornetto)

    looks weird, how does it play?

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    Re: My Cowboy Trumpet(Cornetto)

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Grier View Post
    Looks good. How does it play?
    It plays :) Still getting the hang of playing it, the slotting is so weird. I learned much about acoustics if conical, one end open, and two ends open pipes while measuring and calculating the tone holes.

    I am not sure what exactly the function of the leather, but the leather covering seems to make a big difference the playability.

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    Re: My Cowboy Trumpet(Cornetto)

    looks very interesting!!! very cool !!!!
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    Re: My Cowboy Trumpet(Cornetto)

    Are plans available to build this ourselves?

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    Re: My Cowboy Trumpet(Cornetto)

    The original instruments came in three basic flavors:
    the curved cornetto or zink made of two half shells covered with leather or parchment to hold it together. The mouthpiece was made of horn, ivory, wood or metal

    straight cornetto - no original instrument exists.

    the straight "cornetto muto" or "stiller zink" that was made on a lathe - generally not covered as it could be constructed like a recorder in one piece. It also had the mouthpiece carved in.

    Here is an easy to build version:

    Here is an excel sheet for calculating placement of the holes:

    Here is a book I think that has plans for the real thing: Amateur Wind Instrument-Rev (9780870233128): Trevor Robinson: Books

    Here is some background info:
    Christopher Monk Instruments - Cornet Descriptions
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    Re: My Cowboy Trumpet(Cornetto)

    Ahh, Renaissance music!!
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    Re: My Cowboy Trumpet(Cornetto)

    It's bagpipes without the bag, and without most of the pipes, - it's got the holes though.

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    Re: My Cowboy Trumpet(Cornetto)

    you are a brave soul
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