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Trumpet Discussion Discuss My first payed gig!!!! in the General forums; My first paying gig was just over a couple months ago; Saturday, April 1st to be exact. It was with ...
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    My first paying gig was just over a couple months ago; Saturday, April 1st to be exact. It was with contemporary jazz heavyweight & former Lionel Hampton protegeé Jason "Malletman" Taylor and his band and we played at this private affair (it was a suprise birthday party) in Stoney Point, NY.

    I had a blast sitting in with his band on a previous gig last summer and so when he called me this year offering me a paying gig, I felt like a Jamaican seeing the snow for the first time! Anyhow, our repertoire ranged from smooth jazz staples ("Breezin", Mr. Magic") to R&B/ funk classics ("Boogie Wonderland", Sweet "Sticky Thing"), to Malletman originals. We played it all from Patrice Rushen to Luther Vandross to Janet Jackson and we really rocked the house. I can't figure out how I managed to play as well as I did what with all the BEAUTIFUL women lined up on one dancefloor! Lol

    At the conclusion of the gig I was handed a check for $70 . That was an awsome experience that I shall always cherish. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Malletman.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bandman
    Quote Originally Posted by trickg
    Here's an interesting little project - how about an estimated tally of all money earned playing - for me,
    I wonder how many guys here are trumpet players and also agents for the IRS? As for me, I've never made a pennie that I didn't report! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

    I'm retired and was neither a trumpeter nor a musician.
    Familiar with the Buddy Rich (a Brooklyn native) tax story ?
    When called to appear in tax court, he explained to the judge that every penny he made he made on the road
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