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Trumpet Discussion Discuss My First Two Paying Gigs in the General forums; Congrats! I had a few pay gigs out of HS, then Uncle Sam payed me for three years to play. ...
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    Re: My First Two Paying Gigs

    Congrats! I had a few pay gigs out of HS, then Uncle Sam payed me for three years to play. This past fall was my first comeback pay gig, $150 for a church gig w a quintet.
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    Re: My First Two Paying Gigs

    Quote Originally Posted by gzent View Post
    First was 36 years ago- twenty dollars for playing taps.
    Two weeks ago I got $150 for playing a Christmas gig
    with a church orchestra.
    Nice! I really appreciate it when given an decent wage for quality work. My group plays a few 'tips' gigs for friends or special projects throughout the year, but most places we play monthly pay us and feed us. In Cincinnati our 4 piece-group = $200 Minimum for 2-3 hours + food/drink or $400 for wedding cocktail hour or special events. We are getting more and more popular too, so I also expect to make more $. Some make more, but for a non-pro I'm happy with it. Would do it for free, because I love to play and am so happy to get to do so, but when they are willing to pay, who wouldn't want that?! Cha-ching!
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    Re: My First Two Paying Gigs

    I've been a pro for 2 years (starting my 3rd year next week) --- our community band pays 1 free meal at the annual banquet, and free ice cream after each of the summer concerts ---- since we pay NO DUES of any kind --- I think these payments can only lead me to the conclusion that I'm in a professional community band!!!
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