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Trumpet Discussion Discuss My last concert in the General forums; Years ago there was an article about auditioning the worlds greatest speakers. Anthony H. Cordesman said something to the effect: ...
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    Re: My last concert

    Years ago there was an article about auditioning the worlds greatest speakers. Anthony H. Cordesman said something to the effect: It isn't he that got to audition the best that wins, it is he that got to ENJOY the music longest.

    In this respect, my wish is that you enter this new phase of your life with the knowledge that you enjoyed and will continue to enjoy longest. There are non-playing functions in your local band, and I know that people like you have always been a great inspiration to me. Please stay in touch. There are simply so many things that can't replace experience!
    Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

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    Re: My last concert

    Hi Lou,

    I am really sad to hear that your health issues have caused you to give up the Concert Band. I still look forward to hearing your words of wisdom on the forum, and the good stories.

    All the very best,

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    Re: My last concert

    Long ago I was a pilot. One day, for health reasons, I had to stop permanently. But since I still consider myself a member of the family of aviators. I think it is even more true for the family of trumpet players: you are one of the beloved members of our family, and you will remain forever, no matter what happens.
    Mikel, from overseas.
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    Re: My last concert

    Everything has been said so eloquently already that I don't know if I could improve on it. You are and always will be a valued resource and a "first-call" for the many questions that I seem to have. I always read your posts with more interest than those of some others here. I look forward to reading many more.
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    Re: My last concert

    Sorry to hear you have to hang it up. I've always enjoyed your posts and like the others, hope you will continue with us at TM.
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    Re: My last concert

    Been away a while and I come back to this sad news......

    Sorry to hear this Lou......

    I watched my two grade school aged daughters in their last concert band performance of the season Saturday night.

    Hoping music lives in them for their lives like it has with you.

    Please keep posting......while you can't continue playing, you can continue teaching.

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    Re: My last concert


    I wish you all the best. And we are the losers in the music world, not you.
    It's the player, Not the horn that makes music.

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    Re: My last concert

    Never stop posting here. You have a wealth of information to share gained through experience, which is priceless! Good luck with the health issues.

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    Re: My last concert

    Come over to the States, Mikel, and I'll be glad to take you up for a Bird's eye view of the great Pacific Northwest

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    Forte User Richard Oliver's Avatar
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    Re: My last concert

    Yes, Lou. Echoing all that has been said. Please stay with us at TM.

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