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Trumpet Discussion Discuss My last concert in the General forums; This afternoon I played the last concert of my life. My heart failure is far too severe to continue, along ...
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    My last concert

    This afternoon I played the last concert of my life. My heart failure is far too severe to continue, along with my kidney failure. I am definately going to miss the concert bands.

    Couturier trumpet
    York Wizard by Couturier cornet
    York Master Model trumpet
    York Elite trumpet
    York Airflow cornet
    Conn Concert Grand Cornet
    King Liberty trumpet
    Reynolds Professional cornet
    Bohm & Meinl professional trumpet
    Conn New World Symphony trumpet
    Olds Special cornet Los Angeles
    B&H Sovereign cornet
    G.R.Band Instr. cornet
    Getzen Super Deluxe trumpet and cornet
    Getzen Deluxe trumpet and cornet
    Many others no room to list

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    Re: My last concert

    Bummer Lou... hope you had a blast!

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    Re: My last concert

    Oh no Lou, all of us in the music world are the losers. My best wishes to you, and I trust you'll continue to gently lurk here with us on TM.

    Harrelson Bravura
    Getzen Eterna Classic 900
    Getzen Eterna II 700S
    Boosey & Hawkes Regent MkII
    Weril EP4071 Pocket
    Boosey & Hawkes Eb Tenor Horn

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    Re: My last concert

    Sorry to hear this. I hope it was a great concert, Lou.

    Bach Stradivarius 43* (1974), Bach 3C Mouthpiece.
    Getzen 896 Eterna Flugelhorn (1974), Curry 3FL Mouthpiece.
    Plus a few other Bach, Getzen, Olds, Carol, and Besson horns.

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    Re: My last concert


    On the bright side, you can nostalgically look back on all the great concerts I'm sure you've been apart of in the past.

    Best wshes,

    Some kid in Alaska
    Mit Kraft!

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    Re: My last concert

    I am very sorry to hear that.

    I hope you continue with us here at TM.
    Chuck Willard
    The Willard of Oz

    "Don't be afraid to see what you see."
    Ronald Reagan

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    Re: My last concert

    Sorry to hear this. Your ears can still be the best source of music, so never stop the music.
    Duane Massey
    French Besson trumpet
    Lawler Flugehorn
    Piece of crap alto horn

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    Re: My last concert

    Lou, ironically, I'm just briefly checking in as I am recovering from back surgery so I can feel somewhat empathetic. I'm truly sorry to hear of your problems and wish you well. I don't think I could send you a better wish than the following. I like this:
    Quote Originally Posted by duanemassey View Post
    Your ears can still be the best source of music, so never stop the music.
    I wish you all the best. Aloha nui loa, Kehaulani
    You can't blow it if you haven't lived it.

    "Even if I could play like Wynton Marsalis, I wouldn't play like Wynton Marsalis."
    Chet Baker

    Schilke B7
    Martin Committee (1956)
    Connstellation 38B (1959)
    LA Benge 3X (1970s)
    Hans Hoyer G-10 Geyer Horn

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    Re: My last concert

    Sorry to hear that, Lou. I wish you all the best and hope you will continue to share your great knowledge with us on this forum.
    Olde Towne Brass

    Brass Band of Huntsville

    Trumpet: 1976 Bach Stradivarius ML 43, Curry 3C.
    Cornet: 1993 Bach Stradivarius L 184G, Curry 3BBC.

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    Re: My last concert

    Lou, you are a treasure on this site. Your experience and words of wisdom are so helpful for the new guys prepared to listen. Wishing you the very best that you can be.

    "Swift Current - where we're neither swift nor current"

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