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Trumpet Discussion Discuss My New Taylor in the General forums; I got a new Taylor Chicago VR in vintage tint lacquer a couple weeks ago. I finally got to a ...
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    My New Taylor

    I got a new Taylor Chicago VR in vintage tint lacquer a couple weeks ago. I finally got to a decent camera. Unfortunately, I have shaky hands and no tripod. Anyway, this album has some of the better pictures. I couldn't get any to upload here...sorry.

    Andy Sites's Photos - New trumpet | Facebook
    Andy Sites
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    Congrats! Nice looking horn!

    To upload your pictures from an album at FB, Photbucket or other:
    Rightclick the picture, copy the address, open the "envelope" which is
    right under the "undo" sign, paste and enter. Your picture is now in your post.
    Prewiev the post - if OK: submit

    Since you already are on FB, here is a Taylor page:

    Taylor Trumpet owners | Facebook

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