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Trumpet Discussion Discuss My range in the General forums; When in the course of a student's progress would you recommend they chase after notes above a C (C3) on ...
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    Re: My range

    When in the course of a student's progress would you recommend they chase after notes above a C (C3) on the second ledger line above the stave ... when so little of the world's music is composed higher for Bb trumpet. Yes, frequently I now transpose C piccolo and violin parts to play on my Bb trumpet, but that is me, not one of my beginning 2nd year students.

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    Re: My range

    I am going to give a different take. Chops strength is necessary but not sufficient. I had a private lesson from a retired teacher who had not touched the trumpet in nearly a decade at least. He took out his trumpet to demonstrate harmonic slurs and was popping-out beautiful flowing notes up to high D and back. He admitted that his chops were in tired after that but what got him there was air compression through the use his wind power and tongue arch. This is what it all seems to all boil down to. Lip flexibilities seems to be the path to this as laid out very clearly in the Irons book.

    Advice given to me has been to spend some on these exercise, i.e., long tones for chop strength, lip flexibilities for air compression and tongue arch but then move to etudes or solo material with notes at or above the stave to practice "playing" them musically. If for, example, there is a difficult part, say an octave jump from A in the stave to A above the stave, make an exercise out of it by repeating it over and over again, holding the high A like a long tone until you can nail it and make it sonorous.

    Hope that helps,

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