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Trumpet Discussion Discuss My "someday I will play this " song... in the General forums; On the use of words --- A word is not a crystal, clear and unchanging, but is the skin of ...
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    On the use of words ---

    A word is not a crystal, clear and unchanging, but is the skin of a living thought and varies in meaning according to the time and circumstance in which it is used.

    Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue," as performed by either Ronald Romm or Timofei Dockshitzer

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    Very in- ter- resting........................

    I have played for a long time. What piques my interest?


    I have played all the Mahler symphonies except #5 and # 7. I would like to do them.

    I have played with every one, or it seems like it. Maybe the LCJO.

    I am trying to get my jazz chops back, maybe an album for the geezers in symphonies

    Heck.........I still enjoy playing a scale beautifully.

    I can always improve.

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    Another favorite


    Quote Originally Posted by eoliver
    Maynard Ferguson, by Shorty Rodgers.

    On the more legit side...Allen Vizzutti's "Rising Sun." I heard Jens Lindemann play this at ITG in Ft Worth and have a video of Vizzutti playing it. Totally awesome.

    One day, they will be mine...oh, yes...they will be mine.
    Eric Sproul
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    Carpe Diem - "Sieze the Day"

    When I was very young my father had a heart attack, followed by a very experimental surgery which included an artifical heart valve, which in 1963 was really high tech science. When he came home from the hospital we started doing things he had always said he swould do "someday". I learned from my father that you better not ever have "someday" things that you put off. At age 46 I followed in my father's footsteps and had a massive heart attack. This has been the year from hell, and I have dedicated myself to getting back on my horns. Now I'm challenged with a tumor on my right kidney. I have lived my life to the fullest, always trying to get better everyday, and to be kind to people. As for a someday song for me, I've played most tunes within my ability range, and have no regrets.

    If you can do it, then do it. If you can't, then either try to get better at it everyday, or put it out of your mind and concentrate on something you can attain. Live your life with no regrets caused by something you said you would do someday.

    As for me, my life is now dedicated to trying to teach a desire to be exceptional to the young people I have in my band. I want them to live life to the fullest, and smell as many roses along the way as possible. My someday song??? How about a duet with St. Peter! I just hope it is a duet that is a long ways off in my future! When I get there I'll let him pick the tune! I would even mind playing the second part if he's playing lead!
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