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Trumpet Discussion Discuss My Trumpet Needs Work in the General forums; Hi All - This is my first post on a blog - ever! I have a 40 year old silver ...
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    My Trumpet Needs Work

    Hi All -
    This is my first post on a blog - ever!
    I have a 40 year old silver Bach Stradivarius. It needs a complete overhaul.
    I live in New York and found a place in Brooklyn called The Brass Lab.
    I also found a place outside Chicago called Doctor Valve (I think it's in Lemont, IL).
    Can anyone recommend either of those places (or warn against either).?
    Or - can anyone recommend a different place altogether?

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    Re: My Trumpet Needs Work

    Both very good places. In New York you should also consider josh landress. Any of these places will yield very high quality results.
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    Al's Music Shop
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    Re: My Trumpet Needs Work

    Brass lab , he's a great guy.
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    Re: My Trumpet Needs Work

    Josh Landress is THE guy in New York.
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