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Trumpet Discussion Discuss My Week with Jens in the General forums; Hello everyone, I just thought I would share with you my experiences over the past couple days. First off I ...
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    My Week with Jens

    Hello everyone,

    I just thought I would share with you my experiences over the past couple days. First off I saw Ingrid Jenson on Sat night. She gave a work shop/clinic on the Fri beforehand which was pretty cool (however, they looked tired and didn't really want to be there, I could tell). The show rocked and they came into our bar of choice after the show and we all sat had talked over a couple pintes.

    That was the weekend.


    Ever since I heard that the one and only Jens Lindemann was coming to Moncton (.5 hour from my school) I had to contact him for a lesson. It took almost the whole academic year but I finally received a responce. He said I could meet with me the Mon of his show in the pm. They were a little late because some dufus gave them bad directions to the church. They showed up and realized that they forgot Jennifer's music. He introduced himself and grabbed me and we went on a little trip back to the hotel, treating me as if he knew me for years. I explained my plans about auditioning for a pro gig. He said, "You're going to win it!" even before he heard me.

    We got back to the church and began our lesson. I had chosen Haydn, Vigen de la Macarena and if time, Carnaval (Staigers). He dumped all that and said, "You have a beautiful tone and THAT'S what we want to show off, you are going to play the Hindemith and, the Arutunian and something pretty on the Flugel. Far be it for me to argue I was just happy that he liked my sound.

    That night he gave a purely magical performance and we all went out to a martini bar and ordered pizza.

    When the lesson was over, he said "We are not done yet, when can I see you again on this tour?" I didn't know what to say, my pockets only go so deep. But it's not everyday you get an offer like this. I came back the next morning for an 8am lesson before he left for Fredricton. We ended up in this little storage room in the back of the hotel because nothing else was avaibale. After the lesson, he said that I better get my ass to Annapolis Royal, NS because we are still not done yet. Now this involves some driving (5 hours on my part). I am leaving today and my next meeting is with him tomorrow at 5pm. It is worth the missed classes, he is the most amazing human being and teaching the trumpet is so second nature to him.

    It really is amazing when your #1 hero gives you such attention and will do anything he can to insure your successes. Jens, if you read this, I want you to know that I am incredibly in your debt and I loved our time together this past week. You are and will remain my #1 influence. I will do anything I can to make it to the Banff ITG conference.

    Eric Sproul
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    Keep us posted!

    Chuck Willard
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    Eric, that is wonderful news! Congratulations!

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    The brief meetings that I have had with Jens have also been magical. His clinic / recital in Denver (2004) and his recent trip to Arizona left very lasting impressions on me. The thing that amazed me when we talked earlier this month was his steel trap recall memory.

    Jens knows me primarily from my posts on the TPIN list (I’ve been on that list for many years). When I introduced myself to him in Denver, it was a brief meeting and we spoke for a few minutes together (he was talking with Doc at the time, so I didn’t want to intrude).

    After the Arizona masterclass I went up to the stage and he said, “Derek!” I was shocked that he would remember me. And then he said, “I remember meeting you in Denver. I was outside the music building and I was smoking a cigar with Doc.” We had talked for all of 2 minutes almost 2 years ago, and he pinpointed the exact details of our visit. I’m certainly not the only trumpet player that comes up to him and says, “I loved your clinic and recital! Thanks for sharing your gift of music with us!”

    Stories like yours make me like him even more!

    Someone had also posted some video masterclasses. I watched the one with the brass quintet and was amazed at his coaching suggestions. I think I will be looking into a future lesson with Jens.

    Have fun at your next meeting with him, and please share some details of what he is working on with you!

    Take care,
    Derek Reaban
    Tempe, Arizona

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    Go Eric, go! What a great experience for you!
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    When I lived in Calgary Alberta from 1991-96 I played in the Westwinds Gold then Wind Ensemble Concert Band. Each year we would have a 'community band clinic' and the trumpet guy was Jens, he lived in Edmonton at the time. He also joined us 3 times as a guest soloist at our concerts. This was before his Canadian Brass time.

    For our section to have Jens for our clinics and playing with us was fantastic. He was fun, funny, knew everything, forgiving and a great player/teacher/guy!

    I've met him numerous times since then and every time he raises my respect for him even higher.

    One of the highest compliments I ever heard was from a friend after hearing Jens with the Salvation Army Staff Band featuring his Rising Sun music. "Boy, that sure makes me want to practice".

    Eric, your ITG comment, does that we have the 2007 Conference for Banff??!!

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    Jens is one of the classiest guys in the business who's heart is so warm and genuine. I will always think of him and smile as I've had the chance to work with him playing a benefit concert for my late friend Karen Antonio-Muenzinger. He had worked with her in the same quintet a few years ago and fortunately was in the area. Hearing the story about the lesson is yet another sign of just how much he cares about the people he encounters!

    He's the best in the biz, and I can't wait to see him at ITG this year (if he's coming, that is. I owe him at least one pint!).



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