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Trumpet Discussion Discuss need advice in the General forums; i played a holton collegiate trumpet all through high school and held first chair all through school. i recently started ...
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    need advice

    i played a holton collegiate trumpet all through high school and held first chair all through school. i recently started playing again, but unfortunately i accidentally stepped on the horn and damaged the 2nd valve like it might need a new valve or aligned? i am thinking about bidding on a vintage york trumpet on ebay. any suggestions as to whether i should go thru the expense of repair or getting the york trumpet? so far ive read nothing but good things about the york. thanks and happy holidays

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    Re: need advice

    Stepping on it probably deformed the valve cylinder on #2 where the slide connects. This kind of damage is not unusual. I'd take it to a repair tech before deciding anything.
    Yorks are nice, but you never know until you receive it what playing condition it is in.


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    Re: need advice

    There are at least two Holton Collegiates for sale now at that you could get for spare parts if you want to restore your old faithful horn. Check serial number lists to see if the dates match up with when yours was made. You may want to fix up the horn you have rather than try another horn that might not suit you.

    Just a thought...

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    Re: need advice

    I would get a price for the repair of your horn and then with that information see what I could buy the others for. However, in buying another you could very possibly run into other problems that you haven't anticipated.

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    Re: need advice

    In addition there are usually a number on ebay that go cheap.
    USED HOLTON COLLEGIATE TRUMPET WITH CASE - eBay (item 190276196323 end time Jan-01-09 12:35:41 PST) Here is the only one going now. I had similar damge to my Ambassador cornet when it fell off a table onto the 2nd slide. Cost $50 to fix at a shop.
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