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Trumpet Discussion Discuss in need of a bit of seasoned advice in the General forums; One other quick question, is it wise to have "door busters" on your opening weekend? where you sell items for ...
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    Re: in need of a bit of seasoned advice

    One other quick question, is it wise to have "door busters" on your opening weekend? where you sell items for very little profit for say a fri-sun weekend to draw in customers?

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    Re: in need of a bit of seasoned advice

    Most of the money made in band instrument sales is done through the rental programs with local school systems. You have to have a large stock of instruments and a repair shop. It is a huge endeavor. I've been wondering if a small business couldn't be started by buying up a lot of the beginner level horns on Ebay and Shopgoodwill. It would be a way to provide a good quality beginner horn at a price that could compete with the crap that a lot of places are dealing.

    You might want to learn the repair business (a good thing for a band director to know) and run a small shop on the side, adding horn sales as you go.

    Any way you look at it, you have heavy competition. I believe the main store in your are is the Music Stop. They've been around forever. They have a pretty good corner on the market on your end of Nashville and above. North of Nashville Music Central in Hopkinsville and Royal Music in Bowling Green have been around a long time and have ins at the local school districts.

    Or are you talking about a boutique kind of shop with just higher end horns?
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    Re: in need of a bit of seasoned advice

    Quote Originally Posted by a marching trumpet View Post
    After whatever debt is paid off I plan to open a music shop either in Murfreesboro or Nashville TN. Um what I would like and I can get are 2 different things I understand, I want to have a few guitars to appease the masses, all sorts of percussion like xylophones etc. Stringed if possible (violins etc). And Mainly I would like to have a signifigant amount of woodwinds and brass. Along with a music library for all instruments. If I could go ahead and start recieving input from some of you guys who have been in the buisness for awhile that'd be awsome. I guess just throw what you know at me and ill start making a list of concertos, pieces, and whole symphonic pieces. Plus if you know of anything woodwind that I should carry brand wise that would be accepted. Of course one thing I know I should carry is trumpets. So could I also recieve info on the different brands of low brass and french horn, marching and concert. Sorry if this seems a bit random Im posting this late at night and im just curious of what information I can go ahead and gather.
    Been there done that. You'll be competing with the internet and big box stores like Sam Ash. I haven't seen anybody pull it off recently without backing, like serious family money. It can be done but it has to be based more on service than inventory. Remember that the owner is the last to get paid. You might want to consider going to repair school.

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