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Trumpet Discussion Discuss need fresh ideas in the General forums; Let's hear some suggestions with regards to lyrical studies, solos etc. My stuff is getting kind of stale. I need ...
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    need fresh ideas

    Let's hear some suggestions with regards to lyrical studies, solos etc. My stuff is getting kind of stale. I need to work on endurance, tuning etc.

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    Re: need fresh ideas

    The Phil Snedecor Books (Lyric, Low and Operatic Etudes) and the "Russian Etudes" found here: Trumpet Studies

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    Re: need fresh ideas

    For a different tack - you might want to look at these transcriptions: Wynton Marsalis Standards and Wynton Marsalis Ballads.
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    Re: need fresh ideas

    Maybe something like these? The CD might spark an idea about repertoire?

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    Re: need fresh ideas

    or just start pulling out pieces for voice. If it's just studies, that's the easy way, and you may even find something you wanna play!

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