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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Need Help in the General forums; Another quick post. . This is my cornet. Look at the bottom picture. Where the bell comes out of ...
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    Re: Need Help

    Another quick post. (Auto Crat Cornet). This is my cornet. Look at the bottom picture. Where the bell comes out of the valve body, there is a small dent before the tuning slide and after. I took something and rubbed the majority of the dent out. Of the part right out of the valve body. MAJOR difference.

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    Re: Need Help

    I would get a different trumpet/cornet mpc. While Getzen makes great horns their mpc are not that good. I would contact Stork Mouthpieces. Go to their web site and you can e mail them. They make the best trumpet/cornet and horn mpc around. tell them your situation. I've always found them to be very nice and helpful. It's been my experience that if you use a horn like cup and rim om a trumpet, you will not get good results. As i said before, playing both will not hurt you. you just need to give your embouchure time to develop on the cornet. It's just very different from the horn. be patient, give it time. Don't push the range. it will come when it's ready.
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