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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Need help with Recording Studio in the General forums; Originally Posted by max3k Im not looking to make albums. Pretty much looking to write some music for brass quintets ...
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    Re: Need help with Recording Studio

    Quote Originally Posted by max3k View Post
    Im not looking to make albums. Pretty much looking to write some music for brass quintets and record them myself. I dont need anything super high end, but I have some expendable cash and would like to have something nice. the midi keyboard would be for helping with composition.
    Then my recomendation above holds

    Low Budget but good:
    Beyer DT770
    M-Audio Fast Track Pro
    fast PC with 2GB Memory and a big HDD or 2
    will get you started

    A midi keyboard just for composing is not a big deal. You can probably pick something used for real CHEAP (if you buy Cubase and the keyboard from a music store, you will probably have someone that you can ask questions too! A big advantage in the miuddle of the lerning curve!)..

    You will want to invest in some good midi instrument plug ins, but that depends on what you are scoring for
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    Re: Need help with Recording Studio


    I have heard your recordings. They sound great to me. Keep up the good work!
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    Re: Need help with Recording Studio


    What you also need to look at is the acoustics of the room you're recording in. I think the dryer the room, the better the result. It's easier to add reverb then to get nasty reflections out of the recording. I noticed this last month when I tried to record the tubaplayer for my brassrecordings in his house instead of recording him in my own homestudio. Now we have to do his parts all over again...

    I'm thinking of buying this SE reflection filter, I heard it get's good results:

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