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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Need a new tuner in the General forums; Hi: My tuner died, and I'm looking for a new one. What I'd like is a tuner/metronome combination that lets ...
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    Need a new tuner


    My tuner died, and I'm looking for a new one. What I'd like is a tuner/metronome combination that lets me use both functions simultaneously.

    I've searched on-line, of course, but what I want is some personal comments about whatever unit people here have and use, and what they think about it.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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    Re: Need a new tuner

    I use this one... Metronome Tuner | Digital Tuner | Korg TM-40. No complaints.
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    Re: Need a new tuner

    I use a Peterson strobe tuner on my iPad. And a Maestro XL for the Metronome.
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    Re: Need a new tuner

    You probably want something a little more than this, but the price is certainly right. Its free! METRONOME ONLINE - free!
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    Re: Need a new tuner

    The KORG TM-40 is a great one! I use it a lot for my guitars as well.

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    Re: Need a new tuner

    Quote Originally Posted by LH123 View Post
    I use this one... Metronome Tuner | Digital Tuner | Korg TM-40. No complaints.
    +1 I use the same , and it is great. Off Ebay about $30.

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    Re: Need a new tuner

    If you've got an Android Phone or Tablet with a decent microphone, there are some FREE apps that will do the trick. Though some are made for guitar, etc. (specifically, not Bb), you can still dial in your notes. But as I alluded to above, the mic on your phone has to be good or it won't work. I'm on a Galaxy S2 & GStrings (lolol) works perfectly for me.

    As for a metronome too, check out MetroTune. It's .99. ;)
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    Re: Need a new tuner

    The Andoid versions are great. But for me, have their limits. I don't always want to drain my cell phone battery using these apps. Also, as a metronome, the apps don't always keep perfect time. But they have their place, and I use them.

    What I keep in my gig bag are a Korg GA-30 tuner and a Korg MA-30 metronome. Basic, reliable, inexpensive, and both are about 4-years-old and still ticking.

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    Re: Need a new tuner

    I'm interested in the clip on transposing Temby tuners that come from Australia. Anybody use one and can comment?

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    Re: Need a new tuner

    I use a Korg MA-30. Tuning is more adjustable (get the whole scale) and you can vary the pitch from 413-445 if that is ever needed. I also use a Center Pitch clip-on tuner at church.
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