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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Need some music ideas in the General forums; I have been casually asked by a friend to come up with a piece of music for trumpet that is ...
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    Need some music ideas

    I have been casually asked by a friend to come up with a piece of music for trumpet that is "Triumphant, but also very pretty".

    Don't ask for details, but I'd really like to come through on this one. Something solo or with piano accompaniment would work, preferably nothing higher than A5, but I'll work with whatever you kind folks can come up with.

    And.....go. You're on, TM'ers.
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    Re: Need some music ideas

    I take it you mean something already composed.

    A hymn tune very suited to brass would be THAXTED, which is the melody from "Jupiter" in Holst's "The Planets".
    This one's for tpt and organ.
    Festival Prelude on Thaxted (TrumpetÂ*Solo wi | J.W. Pepper Sheet Music

    Do you know the intended use? That might help narrow your choices a bit.
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    Re: Need some music ideas

    Allegro Marziale - Leo Van de Moortel

    Edit: this is how I remember the start

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    Re: Need some music ideas

    "Conversation for Cornet" by Clare Grundman
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    Re: Need some music ideas

    Concerto for Trumpet and Organ by Bellini (transcribed from the oboe concerto). Requires some decent picc chops.
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    Re: Need some music ideas

    A Mighty Fortress Is Our God - both melody and with an alternative descant. Doesn't get much more triumphant than that.
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