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Trumpet Discussion Discuss New Characteristics Studies in the General forums; Hey all - Just hoping to get a recommendation. I've been playing for a number of years. My first trumpet ...
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    New Characteristics Studies

    Hey all -

    Just hoping to get a recommendation. I've been playing for a number of years. My first trumpet teacher in college back in the mid 80's got me on the standard books - Arbans, Clark technical and characteristic studies. Then I fell off for a few years and came back in the mid 90s. My teacher then got me on some of the other standards - St. Jacome, Charlier, Top Tones, Vizzuti, Schlossberg.

    I've been through all of those characteristic studies a thousand times, and no, I'm not perfect, but I really want something new to play. I've been cycling those around for quite some time since I stopped taking lessons. The reason I stopped is I had two kids and just couldn't swing the extra time and money for my own lessons - possibly some day when the kids "grow up".

    Anyway - any suggestions for a new characteristic studies book? How about a good long tones book? How about a good lyrical studies book? I have the Concone studies which are really nice - any other thoughts?

    Is the Sachse book any good?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: New Characteristics Studies

    I felt just like you on these types of studies ...................

    I finely found some that have not only enhanced my sight ready ability, but also my scale practice.................. for me anyway they are awesome.................

    The following is what I would recommend: " Variations on Clarke’s Second Study, Volume One: 24 melodic variations through the 7 modes of the major scale, for trumpet, by Rich Willey. " & " Variations on Clarke’s Second Study, Volume Two: 24 melodic variations through the 7 modes of the Minor scale, for trumpet, by Rich Willey. "

    Well worth the investment.............................. If you do happen to get them lets us know how they work for you .........................

    For range I just do these an octave higher .......................................

    Remember to always play these musically and hit the center of the note, I use a tuner Always ................

    Hope this helps..........
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    Smile Re: New Characteristics Studies

    All the classic etude book are great. I like the Charlier, Bitsch, and Cafarelli etude books. In addition, I found Chris Gekker's 24 etudes an outstanding addition to the collection and I thoroughly enjoy playing them.

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