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Trumpet Discussion Discuss New to the Family in the General forums; Aloha from San Diego! My name is Kai and I am a very new trumpet player. I have my 11 ...
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    New to the Family

    Aloha from San Diego!

    My name is Kai and I am a very new trumpet player. I have my 11 year old daughter to thank for my new found love of the instrument. Both of my girls started playing Trumpet and Clarinet in their elementry school band and are a joy to listen to. My Trumpeter wanted to teach me how to play her instrument, so she sat me down and had me start buzzing which made me feel pretty silly. There was lots of giggling while I tried to perfect my buzz. She's a great teacher, I can hit a C in only about 5 hours of total practise time. She would like me to be good enough to do a duet with her in the Intermediate school she'll be going to next year. I've got some practising to do.

    My wife got me a 1956 Holton Super Collegiate that I won't be able to wrap my lips around until Christmas. I plan on getting into some private lessons for myself and investing about 45 mins per day.

    Thank you all for the great Forum, I've already learned so much from all of the posts.


    Kai - kwgbright

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    Re: New to the Family

    Hi, welcome to TM. Have fun learning to play , of all the gigs and people I've played with , my proudest moment was playing duets with my son .

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    Re: New to the Family

    Hello Kai - Welcome to Trumpetmaster from a fellow Southern Californian (there are a few of us here). We're happy that you found this site. There is a lot here that can be of benefit to you as you develop your playing skills. I think it will be awesome when you can have a family jam session with everyone playing their instruments. I have a son that plays piano, another on drums, daughter on flute, plus wife, son daughter on guitar. So, it's great when we get together. And, one of these days they may even let me play with them (still a ways to go, though).
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    Re: New to the Family

    Thank you for the warm welcome! I'm looking forward to many years in this community.

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