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Trumpet Discussion Discuss New guy here in the General forums; For under only $10,000, you could get serval great custom horns. I don't know what's wrong with you!...
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    Re: New guy here

    For under only $10,000, you could get serval great custom horns. I don't know what's wrong with you!
    Bach CR300 cornet
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    Re: New guy here

    Call me crazy I guess.

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    Re: New guy here

    Trumpet is a lot of fun. I'm a trombone guy, but I keep a trumpet handy to play around the house when a melody sneaks in my head. (this drives my wife crazy)

    If you decide that you like the rental, consider turning it back in and buy a used one on EBay for $200 or less. Yamaha is a good solid horn and there are lots of them available.

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    Re: New guy here

    Welcome to TM!

    20/400 Please excuse the typos.
    Practice moderation and one will be more than moderately rewarded.

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    Re: New guy here

    Quote Originally Posted by Joyful Noise View Post
    Call me crazy I guess.
    OK, you are crazy, I guess. Strange request, but I wish to comply to your request.
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    1940 Olds Super Recording
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    Re: New guy here

    This sounds like a bucket list thing....
    Just a barefoot, backwoods loon dancing from one dapple of sunlight to the next upon the crunchy forest floor of life. Care not a hoot for high-falutingness, just love the day, its tranquil twilight, and the reprise of treefrogs and cicadas late into the warm summer's night.

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    Re: New guy here

    Hey Joyful noise --"your crazzzy" ----- but I thought of you today when I bumped into the oboe player ----
    1991 King Silver Flair
    1953 Olds Super (LA)
    1979 King KG1055T (pre UMI) Silver Flair
    1940? Olds Ambassador (LA) tenor trombone

    I'm not responsible for offending people -- people are responsible for themselves taking offense at me

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