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Trumpet Discussion Discuss New MP3 Player in the General forums; Just got my zune today. 30 gigs of music and video. I hear that listening is just as important as ...
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    Talking New MP3 Player

    Just got my zune today. 30 gigs of music and video. I hear that listening is just as important as practice. I plan on flooding my player with trumpet players of all type of music. The problem is that since I am "amateur" listener if that's what you will call it , I do not know many people other than the norm. (Arturo, Maynard, Jon Faddis, Marsalis) Names would be greatly appreciated!

    I will be buying my music from the Zune marketplace which had a huge library, so I doubt rareness would be an issue. Anyways, once again, names would be appreciated!



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    Re: New MP3 Player

    So many names where to start.

    If you are looking for contrast of genres I would recommend:

    Sergi Nakariakoz
    Jens Lindemann
    Maurice Andre
    Niklas Eklund
    Philip Smith
    Tomfei Dokshizer
    Wynton Marsalis

    Louis Armstrong
    Miles Davis
    Chet Baker
    Clark Terry
    Freddie Hubbard
    Ingrid Jensen
    James Morrison (Australian - not sure how accessible his albums are)
    Dizzy Gillespie
    Lee Morgan
    Clifford Brown
    Art Farmer
    Al Hirt
    Rafael Mendez
    Bill Chase
    Bobby Shew
    Cootie Williams
    Guido Basso
    Mike Vax
    Wayne Bergeron

    These are most of my favorites I am sure I am forgetting some (just not coming to me right now. You are on a GREAT start with Arturo, Maynard, Faddis, Marsalis and all those giants.

    My personal all time fav is Arturo. Check out his Classical album. And if you havent already heard it "Trumpet Evolution". Every piece is perfect to the time and style of each trumpet player who helped shape jazz.

    And check this website out for SURE!! Trumpet Stuff

    Have fun
    Eric Sproul
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    Re: New MP3 Player

    Well thank you, eisprl. I was able to find numerous albums on all of them except for Ingrid Jensen and James Morrison. This will definitely help in the long run as a player.

    Which leads me to my next question. I have an audition in the near future and am required to play a small technical bit and a small lyrical bit. I picked a song performed by Philip Smith after looking him up called "Street Scene" I will be playing the first 80 or so measures as my technical piece, but am having trouble finding a lyrical piece that I can have fun with. Any suggestions?

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    Re: New MP3 Player

    Go get some Chris Botti.

    My favorite is "Chris Botti Live".

    Chris, my opinion, is one of the hottest new trumpet players around. He is currently on tour and can be seen almost every day in December in NY city.

    I just saw him with Diana Krall in Phoenix and he is a terrific roll model.


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    Re: New MP3 Player

    I don't know if the Zune music store would have it, but if you can, check out Charlie Schlueter's stuff. His Hindemith will blow you away...


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