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Trumpet Discussion Discuss new orleans jazz in the General forums; hi, Im looking for sheet music of dixie land jazz/new orleans jazz Something like ' Down by the riverside ' ...
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    new orleans jazz


    Im looking for sheet music of dixie land jazz/new orleans jazz

    Something like ' Down by the riverside ' or ' when the saints' or something else that comes close..

    "When The Saints Go Marching In" Dukes of Dixieland - YouTube

    That sorta stuff.

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    Re: new orleans jazz

    Have you checked through the sites listed in the sticky thread here: (Source of On-line Scores)


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    Re: new orleans jazz

    Yes I did, but the ensemble is very specific as is the genre, maybe someone encountered such before?

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    Re: new orleans jazz

    Many of those tunes are in the Real Books. There's also a Dixieland Real Book that has a lot of tunes - worth having if you're going to be playing a lot of traditional stuff.
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