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Trumpet Discussion Discuss new web site in the General forums; Originally Posted by dkrice Nice site, Bob. I see you're in Greensboro. Do you know Benjy Springs over at Greensboro ...
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    Re: new web site

    Quote Originally Posted by dkrice View Post
    Nice site, Bob. I see you're in Greensboro. Do you know Benjy Springs over at Greensboro College? He helped my HS band from time to time when I went to Eastern Guilford HS back in the early 80's.
    Benji Springs and I go way back to the early 80s. Currently we play in a brass quartet together. he's a great player.
    Bob Grier, An Old Pro
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    Re: new web site

    Very cool! Benji really helped me out a couple of times way back then. Please pass along my greetings. If he gives you a quizzical look and asks, "Who?", just tell him I'm the big, tall guy from Eastern Guilford in the early 80's.
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    Re: new web site

    The website looks good.
    Well done, and Good Luck

    Why do I like a bell that Points UP ?
    - because the spit does not run back into my mouth!

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    Re: new web site

    Before I say this, these are the points that are wrong with it, from my point of view, if I don't mention it, then it's fine, so don't take this as a negative post.

    1) your images appear to be very professional, are they yours? if not, have you got permission to use them? if not, you will have to remove them

    2) I don't like the way that the body of the website merges into the margin, I find it gives the lower half of the website a lack of order, which does not fit with the neatness of the top half.

    3) Is the clip art at the top yours, and is it your logo? If yes to both, I find that it too complex, and out of place in a quite minimalistic website.

    4) This may only be on my computer, but at the bottom of the background image on every page, I get a black line, I also get them on the contact page link at the top.
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    Re: new web site

    I like it and am intrigued. I would need to buy a webcam first.
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