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Trumpet Discussion Discuss New years' Trumpet resolutions in the General forums; Originally Posted by bkonstans1 Model T, silver plated, with a ML bore, Gold Brass Bell, 1st slide ring, pinky ring ...
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    Re: New years' Trumpet resolutions

    Quote Originally Posted by bkonstans1 View Post
    Model T, silver plated, with a ML bore, Gold Brass Bell, 1st slide ring, pinky ring on the leadpipe, rounded bell crook + tuning slide, amado keys, stress relieved bracing, and whatever else I can come up with.

    oh yeah. Dream horn, baby.

    Gee...not very specific are you?!?! I have a Lawler C Trumpet. Sorry...can't remember the model. I bought it used at the 1991 UTG conference at LSU from Mr. Lawler himself. SUPER NICE GUY!!!!! I love it!!!

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    Re: New years' Trumpet resolutions

    More ease of playing and play for the love of it!
    "When you are not practicing, remember, someone somewhere is practicing, and when you meet him he will win." -Ed Macauley

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    Re: New years' Trumpet resolutions

    get a real job! not!
    Bob Grier, An Old Pro
    Web Cam trumpet & jazz improvisation lessons

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    Re: New years' Trumpet resolutions

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Grier View Post
    get a real job! not!
    Bob, I guess this is directed at me - I do have a real job - one I've pursued for 39 years, unfortunately it's not playing trumpet. I trust you like flying 'cos my students are those blokes who maintain and sign for the serviceability of the aircraft in which you fly. I guess you hope I'm better at my real job than I am at trumpet playing - I like to think that that is the case BTW - the travelling public, and all those who live below flight paths, are all in trouble if my work matches my inability with the trumpet. Be that as it may, I try very hard at both pursuits. (No, I'm not easily offended, be happy).

    Oh b*gger, I think I've taken Bob's post entirely the wrong way - sorry Bob.
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    Harrelson Bravura
    Getzen Eterna Classic 900
    Getzen Eterna II 700S
    Boosey & Hawkes Regent MkII
    Weril EP4071 Pocket
    Boosey & Hawkes Eb Tenor Horn

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    Re: New years' Trumpet resolutions

    Stop playing the trumpet and start playing music (using a trumpet)
    And to stop thinking so much. (more music)
    Bb: Courtois 305 "Elite", Holton Al Hirt Special (~1966), Benge 3x with Upturned bell (1973)
    C: Bach C180-239 (Akwright conversion),
    Cornet: Conn Wonder (1900)
    Picc: Selmer Paris, ~1971

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    Re: New years' Trumpet resolutions

    To practice.

    Wait a clarify:
    Get off the PC and get out my horns.

    (and if anyone has a good 30 minute routine that will help me with chops and improv, please PM me. Thanks)

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    Re: New years' Trumpet resolutions

    More interaction with other instruments. (I do well alone, I need to focus on "plays well with others.") Also, improve my discipline in transcribing. I'm taking a kickin'-a music theory class. -Ed

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    Re: New years' Trumpet resolutions

    Be resigned to my deficiencies while still working steadily towards improvement where ever that might be gained. (I know its contradictory. To folks who know, it may make sense)

    To have more fun with the horn, and beat my head against the wall less frequently.

    Dig up a duet buddy.

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