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Trumpet Discussion Discuss New York Trumpet Company in the General forums; Hey all You'll have to excuse my ignorance but unfortunatley I grew up in a place where you could only ...
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    New York Trumpet Company

    Hey all

    You'll have to excuse my ignorance but unfortunatley I grew up in a place where you could only get Yamahas and Bachs.

    Can someone educate me in the field of the New York Trumpet Company? I went to their website and found that they produce quite a few different kinds of trumpets (Eclipse being one of them and Romeo Adaci which I know nothing about). The Romeo Adaci "Shark no. 9" cought my eye as I am more of a lead player and that seems to be what they are marketing it as.

    Are they similar at all? Please tell me everything you know about the company as well as the quality of horns that are produced. (Please keep it NYTC related, I am not interested in people's preferences in, oh lets say, Monette);)

    Eric Sproul
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    Felix, the owner of NYTC, is a real gentleman and pleasure to work with. I'm sure he would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Send him a PM at NYTC.

    Stop acting like someone shot your dog.

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    Felix is a great guy and has probably the best lineup of custom made horns out there!

    He's one of the best guys in the biz!

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    Felix is a good guy. He will hook you up

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    I'll agree with everyone else. Felix is one of the best people that I've worked with in the industry. Give him a call and he'll be more than happy to help you with what you need.

    Mathew M. Hilton

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