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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Nice flugelhorn in the General forums; for the record ... i heard gmonady 'live' 2 years ago playing the getzen 4v on a super slow tune, ...
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    Re: Nice flugelhorn

    for the record ... i heard gmonady 'live' 2 years ago playing the getzen 4v on a super slow tune, and can say without ANY doubt, it was the absolute best flugel sound i have ever enjoyed in my life. i was stunned by it = that good. of course, player, mouthpiece, setting, etc. all combined for this perfect moment ... so it was more than 'just the horn'. i'm not sure i've heard him on the kanstul, as that is a more recent acquisition, but it is my understanding that those 2 have more similar qualities than just the number of valves. i need to hear him play both and want to personally play both myself ... this thread just reminded me. thanx.
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    Re: Nice flugelhorn

    Quote Originally Posted by gmonady View Post
    Patrick. I agree that the list price on Kanstul's sight for the 1525 and 1526 is on the high end, but I was able to get this horn through an agent I met at a trumpet hang and saved quit a lot on the 1526, hundreds of dollars less than Musician's Friend discounted price. If you ever are back in the market for a 1525 or 6 PM me and I will put you in contact with the distributor based out of Cincinnati.
    Honestly, I'd be just as happy with another 925. Everyone who ever tried it remarked about what a nice playing and sounding flugel it was, although I was told that if I didn't want to spend the money, then I probably shouldn't A/B it with the 1525.
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