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Trumpet Discussion Discuss No warm up in the General forums; I try to make the distinction between "warm-up" and "daily maintenance". For me, a warm-up consists of long tones, playing ...
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    Re: No warm up

    I try to make the distinction between "warm-up" and "daily maintenance". For me, a warm-up consists of long tones, playing low C for one breath length, then going down chromatically to pedal F or E. I do this two or three times tow get the air moving and lips vibrating freely. Then, I start from low F# and go up as high as I can "gently" and the same for pedal F and E. The whole thing lasts maybe 5 minutes tops. Then I do a daily maintenance routine. My experience is that people call the daily maintenance routine their warm-up.

    Now, my range and endurance are always better when I go through that process. But, my teacher has made just start the day by playing Herring Etudes as the "warm-up" because the feeling of being warmed-up will eventually catch up with you and things will work fine. I believe it is part of a larger process to teach me NOT to be so neurotic about either the warm-up or the daily maintenance. Just focus on music and work on technical things within the context of melody. He has said himself that he is no different. When he feels like he is focusing too much on his embouchure and things not working, he takes a step back and pulls out Etudes or repertoire and focus on that.

    I think what you are describing happens to us all. Get your mind off how you are feeling and what is not working. Take out some easy to enjoy Etudes or Repertoire, something fun to play and just focus on that until your teacher comes. If there is a friend you can play duets with, all the better.

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    Re: No warm up

    I like the Heimat tone concept of Gerald Webster.

    Gerald Webster discovered that when we play a medium high, medium low, medium loud tone on our mouthpiece first thing in the day, the same pitch will come out, our personal "home" tone, or Heimat tone (he discovered this while touring with Edward Tarr in Germany, thus the name). "Personal" means just that, each person has his/her own Heimat tone -- there is no "good," "bad" or "ideal." Just play your first tone of the day on your mouthpiece for a few days, check your pitch with a piano or your trumpet, and you've got your own personal Heimat tone.

    Some players start their warm-ups on c below the staff, then work their way upwards, but that makes any thing above c below the staff a more or less a high note. Rather than starting in the lower register, consider starting at your personal Heimat tone and expanding from there. That gives us the feeling of having more low tones to play, and fewer high ones to struggle for. After a couple minutes of expanding from the Heimat tone, you should be in pretty good shape to play.
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    Re: No warm up

    Quote Originally Posted by Starkly View Post
    I feel like that is where I want to head to. Right now I literally need two whole minutes (even at a concert or something) before I can comfortably play something difficult.

    How did you move towards there? Just start warming up less time each few weeks or something like that?
    if you only need 2 minutes -- then what is the problem??? ------------------------ on a day of the concert for me, I typically warm up 5-10 minutes midday, then put the horn down - a few hours later, I do another 10 or 15 minutes ---------------- then the concert an hour or 2 after that, I just pick up the horn and crank out some fast scales,some high notes, low notes, pedals, and such, people are amazed that "it looks like" I just picked the horn out of the case, and started wailing on it" -- (((but, let them think what they want to))) --- I always warm up somewhere, sometime before the concert!!!!
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    Re: No warm up

    Quote Originally Posted by Starkly View Post
    I seem to be having an odd problem recently.

    Usually warming up helped me but I could still play decently without it in some respects (I always warmed up despite this; don't freak out). Lately, I can't get above a top-line F, have to use excessive air, and I feel that there is much more deliberation, if you will, in the note coming out (if it can at all).

    Some days after warming up, I overcome this and play normally. Some days, even after warming up I seem to be stuck with the problem and play just terribly.

    I realize the internet's not the best place to ask this, but my teacher's still in PA from ITG.

    My warmup consists of: chromatics, scales, arpeggios, clarke 2 slurred, tongued, double tongued. Note that this is my warm up...I do exercises on top of this such as lip slurs and Stamp, but that's usually later.
    Welcome to TM Starkly.

    Lots of good advice already given. Maybe the best is from VB to wait for your teacher to return, and discuss this with him/her.

    I'd like to add a couple general comments.

    - Warm-ups (or the need to warm up) tends to be a controversial topic. Also I think what some people call a "warm up", others would call a "maintenance routine", a BrotherBach pointed out.

    - If on some days, you have trouble with an F on top of the staff, I don't think the solution is warming up (or not warming up). It sounds like more of a consistency problem. This is why I agree most with VB's advice.

    Best of luck working on this, and welcome to TM.

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    Re: No warm up

    Thank you all very much; especially VB - I ought to try out the Heimat.

    My teacher thinks it's because I'm too tense when first playing and has prescribed etudes/exercises I can use.

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    Re: No warm up

    FWIW, most conductors I've been around have the band play a warmup song to start the evening rehearsal.
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