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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Non-realistic expectations of Student's parent in the General forums; It's neither laying the groundwork for future presidents nor members of Hell's Angels but I see no reason not to ...
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    Re: Non-realistic expectations of Student's parent

    It's neither laying the groundwork for future presidents nor members of Hell's Angels but I see no reason not to at least make a respectable, honest effort. And I certainly see no reason to do it in a way that is just sloppy and somewhat disrespectful to the process. Most Boy Scouts were Cub Scouts first, so I'm sure this prospective bugler would be more than familiar with the Cub Scout motto, "Do Your Best". It's an ethic that's part of the Scout culture.

    Regarding learning the bugle, itself, if it were me, I would write out exercises that gradually work themselves up to G3. Using just the bugle calls are IMO too much too soon.
    To give you some ideas, or to get you started altogether, there's a US Navy Manual for Buglers that has some reasonable exercises that are gradual. Go to Manual For Buglers, US Navy and check it out. Don't be fooled by much of the text in the beginning. Scroll down to almost the middle to Chapter 5 and there are lessons there that you might be able to incorporate into your teaching.

    I would probably use as many as practical but not going beyond the eleventh week lessons, and add to them some that I would write that had some rhythmic bounce to them. Maybe even getting around to using the rhythms of the bugle calls the scout will need to use on his required calls but is not yet able to play because he doesn't yet have the range under control.

    Good luck. Have fun. Remember - be firm, be fair, have fun.
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    Re: Non-realistic expectations of Student's parent

    Just thought it might be interesting to see exactly what the requirements for earning the Bugling Merit Badge were. Here's what I found:


    1. Give a brief history of the bugle.
    2. Do the following:

    A. Explain and demonstrate how the bugle makes sound, and explain how the bugle is related to other brass wind
    B. Compose a bugle call for your troop or patrol to signal a common group activity, such as assembling for
    mealtime or striking a campsite.
    C. Sound the following bugle calls: “First Call,” "Reveille,” “Assembly,” “Mess,” “Drill,” “Fatigue,” “Officers,” “Recall,”
    “Church,” “Swimming,” “Fire,” “Retreat,” “To the Colors,” “Call to Quarters,” and “Taps.”
    D. Explain when each of the calls in requirement 3 is used.
    E. Explain how to care for, clean, and maintain a bugle.
    F. Serve as bugler in your troop for three months.

    Note: A bugle, trumpet, or cornet may be used to meet these requirements.
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    Re: Non-realistic expectations of Student's parent

    Quote Originally Posted by Sterling View Post
    Rowuk, as an Eagle Scout of 40 years, and my troop's bugler (many years ago), I am saddened about your comments that ' it's only a merit badge, not Maurice Andre.'Teaching is teaching. If you cannot pass the requirements, then you cannot earn the merit badge, however frivolous you think it might be. Much history can be taught through bugle calls. American Civil Warr calls are much different from WW2 calls.
    as an Eagle Scout of 40 years I wrote what I wrote. Nothing bugged me more back then about the scouts than PARENTS earning the badges for their kids. The interesting thing was, when the KIDS wanted to, they ALWAYS found a way all by themselves. Many times I gave those friends enough lessons to get through. Several of them still play bugle today.

    The title of this thread is "Non-realistic expectations of Student's parent" and that is what I address. If Christine had said, "this kid is really hot and wants to ace this", I would have commented quite differently.

    I am saddened by the Scouts being misused to suit the parents agenda (more badges). The merit badge has merit when they who earn it earn it. The bugle Merit Badge is not a degree in trumpet performance and therefore does not necessarily require the same type of foundation.

    My comments stand, use pressure, get through - just like many others. If a true interest develops, there is ALWAYS room for a fresh start or minor tweeking.
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    Re: Non-realistic expectations of Student's parent

    Rowuk, I agree with you about non realistic expectations of parents. I don't like the idea of " It's only a merit badge, let it go". In my pursuit for Eagle, I tried and failed to get some merit badges. This student AND parents would receive a huge lesson about this. Like Clint Eastwood said in Dirty Harry : " A man's gotta know his limitations."

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    Re: Non-realistic expectations of Student's parent

    I had my rant, and I apologize. Still, I'd not attempt to teach a child how to play a bugle unless the parent or troop could provide the child a bugle that would function well. It's futile. Today, I will not provide any used musical instrument unless it will play well, and I've been trying to do so for those who cannot afford to buy new.

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    Re: Non-realistic expectations of Student's parent

    group hug {{{{}}}}}}}
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    If you can sound Taps please take a few minutes and check out this site.
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    Re: Non-realistic expectations of Student's parent

    I would recommend Johann Ernst Altenburg's Essay on an introduction to the Heroic and Musical Trumpeter's and Kettledrummer's Art for the sake of a wider acceptance of the same, 1795. He describes the training (Hey, guess, what? Long tones!), and as range develops, the introduction to calls. Written when trumpeters were still in the employ of the Emperor, rather than kings (and back in the days where the trumpeter's guild would knock the teeth out of a non-member caught practicing trumpet) when trumpeters were elevated on stages and got to wear feathers in their hats, and if they got their horses shot out from under them they got a new one for free.

    Our instrument, whether it be a Boy Scout bugle or whatever has a noble heritage that no other instrument can compare with.

    May we all seek the merit, not the badge.
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    Re: Non-realistic expectations of Student's parent

    Amen, Vulgano Brother. That's what life is about.

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