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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Non-Responsive Sellers in the General forums; I found two great horns the other week, a Strad 72 and a Taylor something, that I was looking into ...
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    Non-Responsive Sellers

    I found two great horns the other week, a Strad 72 and a Taylor something, that I was looking into hearing and trying, potentially buying.

    I emailed both parties a week ago regarding more information on the horns. I have received no response, and as far as I can tell, the horns have not been sold yet.

    What's up with these sellers? I even sent an additional email to the one selling the Strad 72, a few days ago. Still no response... I guess I'll have to find a horn through some other method.

    Anyone ever have difficulties in this area?
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    Re: Non-Responsive Sellers

    Yes. I have rarely had a question answered ... I've asked a few. Connecting with the seller is a good way to get some reassurance that the horn exists, the guy is a player (maybe not), your reservations are answered so you have some confidence.

    I don't know what to suggest. These auctions are short ...

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